Liene Rubane is a visual artist working in mixed media, mainly in drawing and motion, with an experimental approach. She works around personal and collective memory, dream-like experience and expression of body movements. She likes to challenge the norm by search for the unusual and particular in the ordinary. Aesthetically her work are based on simple and minimalistic expressions by the movement of her hand and the texture of the materials being used. She never sticks to one artistic style; rather she makes trial and error.

Liene is a founder of Zealab, a platform of experimental and unusual art, and leads Bunker 4, a small exhibition space and studio in Mexico City. Recently she has been focusing on collaborative projects and social happenings with other artists such as, meeting for talks, brainstorming, and workshops.

She has a Master degree in Transmedia from Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design and a degree in Visual Communication from the Art Academy of Latvia. Her short films have been selected at international film festivals in Europe, Latin America, Asia and North America. She won experimental film awards at Arte Non Stop Film Festival 2020 in Buenos Aires and at Easier Video Fest 2018 in Baja, California. Currently she is based in Mexico City.