Walking Economy
mixed media installation 2018-19

Walking Economy is an immersive sequence of big drawings of walking men and silent animated short film representing the motion of walking. Depicted humans differ from each other by posture of legs and carried objects in big quantities or very heavy as if they are at work. This economic activity is carried out by twelve Mexican workers in repeating non-stop motion of walking, cause all art piece is a sequence of motion which can be repeated eternally. This motion is a simple walk and carried objects are goods and work materials, which represents the Mexican economy. Artist have drawn all walking men with her corporal proportions and used her body performance in animated short film, thus comparing herself with Mexican culture and giving the project very personal touch. The photographic studies of motion by Eadweard Muybridge is a base of this art piece containing harmonic simplicity in idea, artistic style and medium.

The main piece of project is twelve drawings of men, each drawn by charcoal and black ink on separate big scale paper sheets. Drawings are artist’s memories which she experienced in Mexican streets. She draws fast by memory in order to keep sketchy style of drawing and expression of charcoal texture and ink drops and leaks, this way keeping experimental touch in artistic style. The second piece is the animated short film, consisting of photo sequences and drawing sequences, and it is inseparable supplement of big drawings. Alongside there are few small scale charcoal drawings and the globe as experimental version of zoetrope, which was used in animation.

Artist invites visitor to experience the art piece by walking through it and finding himself inside these drawings and making his own interpretation about it.

Working process:

Documentation of the solo exhibition Walking Economy by Liene Rubane

12 June 2019 in Galera, Calle Dr. Carmona y Valle 147, Doctores, Mexico City, Mexico