Infodrawings 2013–12

Infodrawings (2013-12) are sets of drawings and sketches which visualise the nature of things and happenings. The goal is not a drawing itself, but that what it expresses. Visualisation of information in each sequence of drawings in combination with text creates expressive short story. Each viewer might perceive it differently depending on their view of understanding and life experience.


In a memory of a pigs from 1998 untill 2005.

One pig feeds a whole family for a half year.

Stand, Trot, Gallop.

****—sliding down, saving energy
*****—swimming for food search
*******­—flirting, causing male’s attention"




May be the only white killer whale in the world.

Fiocco di neve (Snowflakes) No.3013—3024.


Turn around.

Working tools from the Latvian countryside.

21 cow, 2 hands.

A hand.


Devision of a meat.

Chopping wood.