Visual language is Liene’s main focus as creative professional. It is also her hobby and her job. She works with past and contemporaneity, with digital and analog, with motion and still images, with big and small scales. She practices her skills which she was taught in schools and job and life experience. Liene have build her knowledge from such fields as academic studies in Latvia and Germany, new media arts in Belgium, contemporary arts in Italy and experimental animation and drawing in Mexico.

Liene works in wide range of art fields, including, drawing, illustration, animation, video, painting, murals, sculpture, installations, ready-made, coding, graphic and interactive design. Very often she blurs the border between these disciplines and experiments in order to find new possibilities in her art.

Her main focus is to pick up and work around her curiosities. She builds other sensations of the subjects creating different adventures. Liene mainly works with her memory - remembering and visualising the sensation of the subject. She is interested in senses from unconscious, dream-like world in contrast with real everyday world.

Liene was born in Līvani, Latvia (1985).
She got the Advanced Master degree in the Arts, Media and Design at Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design and the Bachelor of Arts degree in the Humanities, Fine Arts, Audio Visual Art at the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga. Now she in based in Latvia, but due to her work she travels very frequently.